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Dr. William Pena, DC, DIBE

Dr. William Pena, DC, DIBE

Chiropractic Physician
Board-Certified in Electrodiagnostic

My introduction to chiropractic was truly unexpected. After working in a hospital operating room as a surgical technician for ten years, you could imagine my amazement when a well-respected Harvard graduated South Florida orthopedic surgeon recommended that I see a chiropractor for my knee problem arising from a Martial Arts accident. I was skeptical and reluctant but being respectful I made an appointment to see the chiropractor.

I must confess I had absolutely no idea what to expect. I knew that chiropractors worked on the spine that was all. After educating me, the doctor suggested he should adjust my knee, I agreed and it was the best decision I ever made. This personal experience coupled with the fact that my own mother had several bouts of low back pain, and chiropractic care gave her relief, prompted me to further explore the field of chiropractic medicine. I made my decision to become a chiropractic physician.

After my tour with the U.S. Navy, I utilized money from the G.I. Bill to further my education and began my pre-chiropractic education at the University of Miami and finished at Florida International University where I studied the basic sciences such as organic & inorganic chemistry, immunology, biology, along with basic anatomy & physiology courses. After completing my undergraduate studies, I was accepted to Palmer College of Chiropractic in Florida. Four fast paced academic years followed with courses such as; biochemistry, a major emphasis on anatomy and human physiology, X-ray, diagnosis, chiropractic adjusting techniques and patient care in the Palmer College Clinic.

Palmer College of Chiropractic, D.C., (2006)
University of Science Arts and Technology, M.D., (2018)
pending residency

Postgraduate Certifications
  • Board Certified in Electrodiagnostic Medicine (DIBE)
  • Spine Research Institute of San Diego (SRID)
    • Certification in Whiplash and Brain Traumatology
    • Certification in Low Speed Rear Impact Collision
Postgraduate Education
  • Harvard Medical School
    • Electromyography & Neuromuscular Medicine
  • Columbia University, College of the Physicians & Surgeons
    • Basic & Advanced Techniques in Electrodiagnostic Medicine
    • Advances in the Diagnoses & Treatment of Neuromuscular Disorders
  • Mayo Clinic
    • EMG, EEG & Neurophysiology in Clinical Practice
  • International Board of Chiropractic Specialties
    • Symposium on Chiropractic Neurology and Electrodiagnosis
  • International Board of Electrodiagnosis
    • Symposium on Electrodiagnosis
  • International Academy of Chiropractic Neurology
    • Annual Symposium on Chiropractic Neurology

Professional Associations

  • International Academy of Chiropractic Neurologists
  • International Board of Electrodiagnosis
  • American Chiropractic Association
  • American Academy of Spine Physicians
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
  • Combat Medic US Navy
    • Persian Gulf War assigned to Marine Corps
  • National Naval Medical Center
    • Advanced Surgical Training
  • Academy of Health Sciences
    • Certified Surgical Technologist
Military Awards
  • Fleet Marine Force Ribbon
  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Sea Service Deployment Ribbon
  • Kuwait Liberation Medal
  • Southwest Asia Service Medal
  • Good Conduct Medal
  • Honorable Discharge