Diversified Technique

Diversified Technique Miami

One of the most commonly utilized techniques used by chiropractors worldwide

It usually includes motion palpation; this is where the chiropractor palpates the spine by applying pressure to the joints while turning and bending the spine. This usually results in identifying an abnormality usually by an indicator such as pain or limited range of motion.

Once identified, the malfunctioning spinal unit (vertebra) is placed in its proper position using a high velocity low amplitude thrust using the appropriate line of drive / correction. Due to Dr. Pena’s experience and years of martial art training, he has an extraordinary command in the manual arts allowing for a safe and pleasant adjustment.

The “popping” sound sometimes heard during a chiropractic adjustment is properly called “cavitation.” This simply means that there is a vacuum in the joint and when manual mechanical energy is introduced into the joint, the vertebral malposition is placed back in the correct anatomical position. This process usually gives off small amounts of gas (such as nitrogen), which produce the sound. It is not always necessary to hear the popping sound for a chiropractic adjustment to have a therapeutic effect on the human body.

Almost all joints in the body can be adjusted by a chiropractor to help restore normal function and increase range of motion. By improving your spinal biomechanics one can reduce interference to the peripheral nervous system which is so often the cause of the pain.