Webster’s Technique for Pregnancy

Websters Technique for Pregnancy Miami

Chiropractic care specifically for the pelvis of a pregnant woman 

The Webster Technique is a chiropractic technique widely recognized for its beneficial effects on reducing the constraints in and around the uterus (intra-uterine constraint). It is the recommended technique to be used throughout pregnancy by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA). ‘The Webster Technique is defined as a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that reduces interference to the nerve system and facilitates biomechanical balance in pelvic structures, muscles and ligaments. Dr. Pena was taught the Webster Technique by the current Executive Director of the ICPA, Dr. Jeanne Ohm, D.C.

This technique works structurally and biomechanically by correcting sacral misalignment (subluxation) and balancing the pelvic muscles and ligaments. It results in removal of torsion to the uterus. It is the tension on the muscles and ligaments which causes intra-uterine constraint and prevents the baby from comfortably assuming the best possible position in preparation for birth. Therefore, reducing any constraint to the baby, allows it to move into the best possible position for the birth ahead.

‘Dr. Larry Webster, Founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association discovered this technique as a safe means to restore proper pelvic balance and function for pregnant mothers. In expectant mothers presenting breech, there has been a high reported success rate of the baby turning to the normal vertex position. This technique has been successfully used in women whose babies present transverse and posterior as well. It has also been successfully used with twins. Any position of the baby other than ROA may indicate the presence of sacral subluxation and therefore intrauterine constraint. At no time should this technique be interpreted as an obstetric, “breech turning” technique’.

It is strongly recommended by the ICPA, instructors of this technique that the Webster technique be used throughout pregnancy, to detect imbalance and optimize pelvic biomechanics in preparation for safer, easier births. Due to the positive effect of chiropractic care on the nervous system, pregnant mothers should have their spines checked regularly throughout pregnancy. This will optimize health benefits for both the mother and baby. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association offers chiropractic physicians the opportunity to receive a Certificate of Proficiency in the Webster Technique, of which Dr. William Pena, D.C., D.I.B.E., has held since 2006.